6 months to 3 years

Children begin this stage of their education at our school from 6 months old. For students under 24 months old, the timetable is flexible so as to adapt to the needs of parents.

Our little ones are the protagonists of their own development and are guided by our team of experienced and highly qualified teachers who help them to grow in a warm, nurturing and fun learning environment.

In this way, our children grow up happily with educators that listen to them, respect them and provide them with the trusting relationship they require to develop as people.

Sensory Classroom

A classroom with materials designed for our students to receive different stimuli. It allows to develop sensory and cognitive capacities. The richness of sensory stimuli benefits the development of thought, intelligence and language.

In it, various acoustic, tactile and visual stimulation activities are carried out. Students will enjoy while learning by experimenting.

Early Stimulation

At this stage, our main focus is on early stimulation which is designed to awaken and encourage the development of brain functions and to develop important aspects such as hearing, sight, touch, speech, and musical and motor skills.

Children are encouraged to follow routines and acquire positive habits which help to develop greater confidence in themselves and others.


In Nursery, from 6 months old, students come into contact with the English language on a daily basis so as to allow them to become familiar with their second language. From two years old, the time dedicated to learning in English is increased.

English lessons are designed to be entertaining and enjoyable and as such, the teaching is based on story-telling, songs and games through which oral communication is the main focus.

Orientation department

 Our Center has an Orientation Department that offers services of Psychopedagogy, Speech Therapy and Psychology to our students and families both internally and externally. To know in detail these services and / or request an appointment, please contact us.

 Excellent rest

With our cradles we provide more comfort and hygiene to our children, creating a unique space for rest, relaxation and tranquility.

Online Agenda

Our online agenda aims to strengthen our relationship with the families of our youngest students (Preschool 0-2 years). From any device, parents can access detailed information about their children.

Online Agenda

First bilingual school on the island

We offer guided tours of the facilities throughout the year