Robotics and coding

Robotics and Coding is a way for students to interact with technology in an active and creative way. The students have been using their problem-solving and communication skills to follow visual instructions to create a working mechanical robot "The Crane". They have been able to develop computational thinking by using logical and sequential thought processes. They have been introduced to tackling complex problems by breaking them down, into achievable steps, checking or decoding for errors, and enabling them to develop persistence and confidence.

24 dic. 2020

enlightenedReflections from students:

Eneko (4ºA coding) - I enjoy being able to control the characters in the programme and getting them to move as I want. I like learning using my computer. I am looking forward to building a Robot next.

Pelayo (4ºA coding) - I have enjoyed coding because it helps my mind become stronger and it is fun, so I can concentrate easier.

Isabella (4ºB - Robotics) - Robotics is fun. I get to work with my friend to build a robot and make it work. It has helped me to solve problems and when it didn't work to try and find out how to make it work properly.

Inés (4ºB - Robotics) We got to work in pairs to build a robot. It was fun to work with friends. It was good to use picture instructions because it was easier to go back and make changes if it didn't work properl