Services Offered

We show the main services that we offer in graphic form, as well as the commitment of quality in its provision.


Bilingual Education (Spanish-English) (Cambridge exams A1-C2)

FORMAL EDUCATION: Preschool from 6 months old, Primary, CSE, Baccalaureate

External assessments: ISA, PISA, EBAU, DIPLOMA

COUNSELLING DEPARTMENT:  Psycho-pedagogy, Speech Therapy and Psychology

“World School”: PYP, MYP and Diploma IB Programmes


Extracurricular Activities

Excursions, Trips and Events

Language immersion in the UK: SULIS MANOR (Bath)

English on Saturdays: ARENAS SATURDAY SCHOOL

School Coach Service

Parent-teacher meetings and Online Educational Information

TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES: Internet, Digital Whiteboards, iPads, Computers, Robots, Online Educational Platforms, Microsoft Office for students, Internet access, Application for mobile phones

SPORTS (Sports hall and swimming pool). Official league teams

SCHOOL DINING FACILITIES (Special meals for students with allergies or intolerances, vegetarians or students with special dietary needs for religious reasons)

School Shop