The human body in augmented reality

Children learn best when they are active participants in what they are studying. The International Baccalaureate Programs, taught in more than 4,000 public and private schools around the world, are a world reference due to their incomparable academic rigor and advanced methodology that achieve a broad personal development of students.

26 oct. 2020

Arenas Internacional  School is the only school in Lanzarote and one of the few in Spain that has authorization and teachess these prestigious international programs from Kindergarten to Baccalaureate: PEP (Primary School), PAI (Middle Years Program for Secondary students) and Program Diploma (Baccalaureate students).

They are aimed at the student learning through inquiry, reflection on what has been learned and its connections with the surrounding reality. It also seeks to develop a global consciousness, appreciating both one's own culture and other realities.

An example of this is what 1st grade students are doing within the inquiry unit “Who are we?” Observing and investigating the human body in augmented reality. Thus, after reflecting and discussing the different parts of the body and how they work, they have seen how a drawing made by them came to life with technology, being able to observe their muscles and bone structure in 3D, which has helped them to enter this fascinating theme.


This perspective of the human body in augmented reality has encouraged them to continue discovering more about this topic and has also helped them to reach conclusions and joint ideas that they will be able to apply and break down in the course of this unit.