Please download our Fees Sheets for Early Years, Primary, Secondary  and Baccalaureate.

Matriculation Fee- This a single payment for the whole of the student’s school life.

Reservation Fee - One single payment on the first academic year. The reservation fee for the
following years will be paid in two instalments in April and May. 

Tuition Fees - Tuition fees are paid in ten monthly installments

Classroom Materials - This includes all educational classroom material, technological devices, educational programmes, networks and digital platforms. This fee is paid in two instalments in November and January. This fee does not include textbooks nor school uniform.

School Insurance - This is paid in in one single payment in September.

Extra-curricular Activities - Additional activities offered at school. Each activity has its own particular fee. Information about these activities is provided at the start of each school year.

School Lunch - This payment is calculated on an annual basis and divided between the months of September to June so as to provide families with a fixed monthly fee, regardless of the number of school days in each month.

Siblings Discount -  Families with three or more children enrolled in the school are entitled to a reduction in tuition fees for the youngest child. 


Early Years

Nursery 0,1,2 School Fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF 

Early Years Y3 School Fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF 

Early Years Y4-5 School Fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF 


Primary School

Primary 1 - 6 fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF


Secondary School & Baccalaureate

Secondary 1, 2, 3 & 4 Fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF

Baccaleaureate 1 & 2 Fees and Additional Charges 2019-20 PDF


El proceso de admisión tiene como objetivo atender las necesidades específicas del futuro alumno, conociendo su situación familiar y académica.