Summer Camp

Since Thursday, June 24, a large group of students from Kindergarten to 5th grade have been enjoying Estival Arenas 2021 at the Arenas International School and at the “Arenas Nursery School” in Playa Blanca.

7 jul. 2021

enlightenedAnd they do it with all the hygiene and sanitary control measures necessary to guarantee and protect the health of the participants during their development.

It will be a month full of fun with artistic, sports, technological, swimming pool and recreational activities, in English and Spanish, taught by native or bilingual teachers, and graduates in the different stages and specialties; that are developed within the facilities of Colegio Arenas allowing the enjoyment and development of physical, social, creative skills, etc., in a safe environment.

The semi-covered swimming pool of the Aqua & Sport Center Lanzarote continues to be one of the great attractions of the Summer. In it, in addition to the enjoyment of activities for the students of this program, the intensive swimming courses are also held, which, like the Summer, will end on July 28.