Covadonga admitted to Cambridge

Covadonga Otín Medina, a student in the 2nd year of the Humanities Baccalaureate at Arenas International School, with an average of 10, on her way to Proficiency (C2) in English, and a lover of Egypt and its civilisation, has made it! She has been admitted to Cambridge University where she will study Archaeology.

29 jul. 2021

This young student will finally achieve a dream that has been with her since she was a child and  has been maturing during her years of studies at Arenas International School, with the encouragement of teachers and fellow students. 

- What does this admission to Cambridge mean to you?
- The culmination of years of hard work and effort, with the excitement of being able to study at a leading university in the world, of great prestige and where there are great specialists in my passion, Archaeology.

- How did you discover the university? Why Cambridge?
- I was researching with my English teachers the different universities in the UK. Cambridge was the culmination, as it is the most prestigious and oldest university in the field of archaeology, my dream. In Spain only five universities offer these studies, but this renowned british university is the best in this field.

- Has the School helped you to achieve this great success?
- Of course, without the school I would not have been able to achieve it. The international educational project of my school, the very high level in English and other languages, and the education in values with the culture of hard work at the forefront, have helped me to achieve my goals.
I have always found support from my teachers and my classmates. 

- How are you looking forward to your move to Cambridge?
- I'm very excited. I know that Cambridge is very academic and that it requires a lot of effort and work, but I also know that it will be a great experience where I can learn from the best and acquire the necessary knowledge and tools that will allow me to develop my vocation, archaeology, in Egypt in the future.

- Where does your passion for Egypt come from?
- I have loved it since I was 9 years old, when my parents gave me a book about Cleopatra. Since then I have been in love with this civilisation that has contributed so much to history.

- What message would you give to your classmates?
- I would repeat the advice I was given at Cambridge: "If you don't apply, you will never know whether we will admit you or not". That nothing is impossible and that you have to fight for your dreams. "There are no limits to dreaming.